Work for Democracy

About WFD

What are your membership requirements?

Members are registered voters sharing a commitment to WFD’s purpose. Although there is no required donation or membership fee, members are asked to contribute monetarily or to volunteer time. Members often do both.

What is your purpose in North Carolina?

Work for Democracy promotes:

  • Fair and free elections so that every vote counts
  • Non-partisan redistricting
  • Non-discriminatory legislation
  • Civil, political and human rights of all persons
  • Strong public education
  • Universal access to healthcare 
  • Reproductive freedom for women
  • Protection of the environment
  • Rational, science-based public policy
  • A culture that reduces gun violence

I’m interested. How do I join?

Terrific!  Prospective members may request a membership form through a current member or the "Contact" tab on this website. The form includes questions required by NC campaign finance law.

What are membership benefits?

Pooled financial and volunteer contributions helped WFD’s candidates win in 2017 and 2018. Our members benefit from the results of collective work and success.

How are WFD member names shared or protected?

We take confidentiality seriously. Member database access is limited to administrative staff.  We never share contact information without your permission.

Do you have regular business meetings? If not, how are members aware of what leadership is doing?

There are no regular meetings. We stay in touch with email communication and postings on our webpage.

What about diverse opinions? Who decides what positions WFD will take?

WFD is managed by an Executive Committee (EC) with rotating leadership. We work by consensus and, when appropriate, by majority vote. We value and actively seek the contributions of all our members.  If you have feedback to share, email us at: or mail to: Work For Democracy, P.O. Box 10664, Greensboro, 27404.

Will I have a chance to meet and greet WFD’s candidates?

Yes! We want members to know the candidates WFD supports. During election season, we hold candidate “meet and greet” events.  Those events will be shared via email newsletters.

Why have you limited your work to Guilford and Forsyth Counties?

This may change in the future.  What will not change is our dedication, given our limited resources (financial and volunteer hours), to working only on those races where we clearly see the potential for success.

How is WFD different from other groups, like the League of Women Voters?

Operating under the law and regulations of North Carolina, WFD is permitted to provide resources, funding and activities directly in support of candidates and political parties. We aim to influence the North Carolina Legislature by supporting candidates whose positions align with ours.  We were formed to impact election outcomes.  

The ACLU, the League of Women Voters and many other organizations are 501 (c )3 and (c) 4 nonprofits which are prohibited from supporting individual candidates or political parties.

What percentage of member contributions go to support WfD endorsed candidates?

In 2018, 93.6% of the money spent went to support our candidates' campaigns.